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Eink is a new electronic display device that can display text, images and other content on the electronic screen in black and white colors. Eink is usually made into an electronic film for the display of electronic content, especially e-book readers. Common products include Sony Reader, Onyx Boox, iLiad, Cybook Gen3, Amazon Kindle, Logic’s eReader, and Polymer Vision’s Readius, etc. equipment. This technology was first invented and founded by E INK Corporation in the United States in 1997. After more than ten years of development, the company was acquired by a Taiwanese company called Prime View International for $215 million. Within a period of time after the acquisition, Prime View International combined its own technical conditions and Taiwan’s electronic application equipment technology to gradually improve the Eink display technology and obtain a major breakthrough. Today’s Eink electronic devices have made great progress compared with the earlier Eink in terms of screen contrast, content refresh speed and flexible screens (foldable screens).

Eink display

The Eink screen is composed of two substrates, coated with an electronic ink composed of countless tiny transparent particles. The particles are formed by many positive and negative charged black and white particles sealed in the internal liquid microcapsules. Charged particles of different colors Due to the difference in the applied electric field, it moves in different directions, showing a black or white effect on the surface of the display screen. In this way, black-and-white patterns and texts like paper prints can be displayed on the surface of “electronic paper”, which looks very similar to paper, and there is no reflection of traditional liquid crystal displays under the sunlight. At the same time, power is consumed only when the screen content changes (for example, from black to white), and the content on the screen can still be retained after the power is turned off, so it is very power-saving.

Eink's technical principles

Eink's advantages

1. Simulation text

Eink appears on the electronic display screen just like the effect of paper printing, it can make the user’s eyes more comfortable and relaxed when reading the content, without the eye fatigue caused by electromagnetic radiation like LCD monitor. Even if you read the content on Eink electronic devices for a long time, your eyes will not be dry.
EINK powersaving

2. Very power-saving

As we all know, LCD monitors need continuous illumination from the backlight source to maintain the continuous display of the content on the screen. But the working principle of Eink is completely different from that of LCD monitor. It uses the positive and negative poles of the circuit at the bottom of the screen to drive the black and white color particles in the capsule. After the content is displayed on the screen normally, even if you disconnect the Eink power supply, there is no problem at all. Only when you need to update the content on the screen, you need to change the corresponding circuit at the bottom of the screen and the motor will consume a part of the electric energy, and the consumption of this part of the electric energy is very small.

3. Low manufacturing cost

Eink does not need to do glass TFT module screens like LCD monitor, and does not require so many complicated components, which can save a large part of manufacturing costs. The price of EInk devices is much cheaper, the price of Kindle Paperwhite is 119 dollars, and the price of iPad Mini with Retina display is 400 dollars. If it is accidentally dropped or accidentally damaged during use, Eink’s accessories can be replaced more quickly and conveniently, and the replacement cost of accessories is much less than that of LCD monitors.
eink vs lcd monitor
eink easy for bring

4. Lightweight and easy to carry

A large part of the weight of the LCD monitor comes from its screen weight, which accounts for more than 35% of the total weight of the LCD monitor, because most of them use TFT glass screens. The Eink is completely different. It feels light and won’t feel tired after holding it for a long time. This is because most Eink’s screens are made of plastic TFT overlay panels. The plastic TFT cover panel can better adapt to different use environments than the glass TFT cover panel. Even if there is a certain external impact, the screen can be kept intact and not easily broken. The common 13.3-inch Eink monitor type is about 350g, while the average weight of the 12.9-inch LCD monitor with a smaller screen size is 720g.

5. Readability under sunlight or strong light sources

Except for a few models of LCD monitors, most models cannot directly read the content on the screen in bright places and under sunlight. But when you use Eink, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all, because Eink’s screen is not a TFT glass screen and there is no mirror reflection of light, so the content on the Eink is exactly the same when reading in the sun and indoors.。
eink can read under the sun
read Eink in the black environment

6. The light in the dark is not too strong to affect others

When you take a train or a plane, there will definitely be many strangers around you. Out of politeness, you should not let your private actions affect each other, such as playing videos on iPad or reading e-books on iPad, because in a dark environment In the IPAD screen, the light is too bright, which may affect the normal rest of the passengers nearby. The light emitted by Eink is not the back light source, but a small light that hits the front of the screen. It hits the screen and reflects back. This kind of light allows you to clearly read the content on the screen without affecting it. To other travelers.

Uses of Eink

1. Literary works reader
Paper literary works are inconvenient to carry, and the amount of content stored is too small. Eink, which is designed for the purpose of text content simulation design, perfectly solves this problem. It is light and convenient to carry, and can provide extended memory, no matter how much literature. Writings can also be stored in an Eink device, which is equivalent to walking around with a library without feeling fatigue.

2. Electronic news bulletin board
Out of the consideration of waste of energy consumption, more and more government departments have begun to consider places where LCD monitors used to display content in the past. For example, government news bulletin boards, community news bulletin boards, school and other public content bulletin boards, and so on. All these changes are due to Eink’s super power saving and low cost of replacement parts. The government is very happy to establish a good image of resource conservation among the people!

3. Supermarket price tags
Large supermarkets such as Wal-Mart and Metro have hundreds of thousands of different types of products, and the prices of these products are often affected by seasonality and competitors. It is impossible to rewrite manually or scan the code by machine, because it involves a very large workload and virtually increases the consumption of human resources. The new generation of Eink is very suitable for this kind of large shopping mall with a lot of products. It can be changed to the correct price in a short time through the remote system remote control, without spending a lot of time and labor to change one by one!

Eink and LCD monitor are two completely different electronic content display devices. Whether from the perspective of technology research and development or from the perspective of content implementation, the gap between the two is very large, so in a certain sense, the two are not Too much comparability. But what we need to pay attention to is that it is necessary and reasonable for any product to be developed. For example, what Eink can bring to users is a more realistic content display effect and comfort of the eye environment, and these effects are completely absent from LCD monitors. The presentation of dynamic content and multi-color content effects are also the fundamental reason why LCD monitors can adapt to this era of information explosion to a greater extent. Therefore, Eink and LCD monitor two types of electronic application equipment will not be able to completely replace the other at present and in the future. This cannot be changed due to the technological upgrading of equipment and consumer preference. In the future electronic application equipment industry, just like the mobile phone industry, more brands and more new technologies will continue to appear, allowing consumers to better choose electronic applications that are truly suitable for them in accordance with their own consumer needs. equipment. Whether it is Eink or LCD monitor or other electronic application equipment in the future, it will open a whole new beautiful world for all of us with a new look!

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