Best LCD Monitor For Game Player – Definitive Guide In 2020

When you are playing e-sports games, do you often encounter the following problems: the game screen will have afterimage, the game screen will be delayed, and the game screen refresh rate is not enough to cause poor screen continuity? Some players may complain that this is a problem of the game itself, and some players will attribute the root of the problem to poor computer configuration, but after excluding these two factors, it is likely that there is a problem with your LCD Monitor!

game monitor

Compared with ordinary LCD monitors, game monitors need to provide a smoother and more realistic real-time playback of competitive animations in order to bring users more pleasant gaming experience, and these pleasant gaming experiences rely on the higher refresh of the game monitor. Frequency, higher screen resolution and variable synchronization technology! Here, we can proudly tell you that the game monitor developed by Yousee is fully equipped with these advanced technologies!

But what is regrettable is that although game players are experts in their respective fields for various games, they lack sufficient professional knowledge and experience reserves in choosing the right game monitor. There are various styles and models of gaming monitors in the current gaming monitor market to choose from. Even some professionals may choose the wrong ones, so today we will share in this article in detail how to choose a suitable gaming monitor . It should be noted that not a high-performance gaming monitor can adapt to all different types of e-sports games.

game monitor

What is a game monitor?

The game monitor is an electronic display screen with a refresh rate of 144HZ. Different from ordinary monitors, the three most important parameters of game monitors are: refresh rate, response time, color display effect, and provide extremely fast response time and dark scene balance mode. Other parameters of the game display for competitive games include window zoom function, video interface, 3D display effect, screen lift adjustment function and display aspect ratio.
All in all, the electronic game display is a kind of LCD display that is applied to the PC side large-scale electronic sports game image output display, which has a high screen refresh rate, a short screen display delay time and an ultra-high image resolution.

Three important reference factors for choosing a game monitor

game monitor Ultra-high screen resolution

1. Ultra-high screen resolution

It is to obtain the rich action details and complex game display mechanism in large-scale e-sports games on the PC side. The reason why the game monitor has ultra-high image resolution is that it’s equipped with a powerful image engine, so as to make the game process more smooth. High-resolution gaming monitors are very suitable for MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) because such gaming monitors can allow players to see clearer real-time dynamic game images.

2. Higher screen refresh rate

The higher the screen refresh rate, it means that in 1 second, the more consecutive image frames appear on the screen, the more consistent the dynamic image seen by the human eye. The current mainstream LCD monitors on the market have a screen refresh rate of 72hz, high-level screen resolutions are 144hz, and even higher 240hz. The higher the screen resolution means that the game player can see more details in the dynamic game screen per unit time, and the more chances of winning in competitive games.

game monitor Higher screen refresh rate
game monitor Shorter screen delay

3. Shorter screen delay

As an image output device, the display screen, after receiving the output signal from the host computer, projects the back light source (except OLED type displays) to the liquid crystal molecular layer of the screen according to the content of the output signal, using the deflection angle of the liquid crystal molecules and the light barrier To control the transmission of light to show the relevant game patterns. This process requires a certain amount of time. Different types of display screens use different technical principles, and the corresponding delay time will also be different. And this delay time is very fatal for intense e-sports games. Often the outcome of a game is within a few milliseconds.

The three most common types of game monitor

1.TN monitor
The working principle of TN monitor is to make the back light of the display pass through the polarizing screen, the color filter and the liquid crystal molecular layer are projected onto the outermost display panel, presenting the image that needs to appear on the current computer. TN panels are one of the oldest LCD monitor technologies. They have problems such as poor color quality and small viewing angles due to early technology development and technical limitations.
However, the advantage of the TN monitor lies in its extremely short screen response time, which can rapidly display the dynamic picture that the computer host needs the computer screen to present between 1-2ms. This is too important for shooting games such as “Battlefield” and “Call of Duty“!

TN game monitor
IPS game monitor

2.IPS Monitor
The characteristics of IPS Monitor are just the opposite of those of TN Monitor. It has a very good visualization angle and higher color contrast, which brings excellent color rendering, but the response time and screen refresh rate are slow. Therefore, IPS Monitor is not suitable for action games that are too competitive and rhythmic. On the contrary, “Skyrim“, “Grand Theft Auto“, “No Man’s Sky“, “Journey” and other games are more suitable for IPS Monitor.
Because the rhythm of these games is usually not particularly fast, but the characteristics of the game are very exquisite background models and realistic character design, in terms of game props and animation rendering, it achieves the same visual effect as a movie blockbuster!

3.VA Monitor
The performance of VA Monitor is between TN Monitor and IPS Monitor. Compared with IPS Monitor, VA Monitor has the same screen refresh rate but VA Monitor has the best color contrast. It can have a deeper color gamut contrast, which means its colors are more vivid and lifelike.
Another flaw of VA Monitor is that the screen response time is slow, usually reaching more than 10ms, but the latest information shows that the best VA Monitor on the market already has a screen response time of 5ms, although this screen response time is compared with TN Monitor There is still a certain distance (this is due to the different working principles of the two), but I believe that VA Monitor has the possibility of further shortening the screen response time in the future.

VA game monitor

The technical support behind the Game Monitor

1. Variable screen refresh rate technology
Many people may be curious, isn’t LCD Monitor’s screen refresh rate fixed? This was true on the early LCD Monitor, but with the continuous development and advancement of technology, certain early impossibility is gradually becoming possible. In e-sports games, as the performance of the computer host becomes better and better, the game content becomes more and more diversified, which leads to uninterrupted scenes of different forms, and the computer host will respond to different dynamics. The scene uses different fluctuating frame rates. If some screens do not support such dynamic changes as the refresh rate, image tearing will occur. This is obviously unacceptable to game players.

Fortunately, both AMD and NVIDIA have attached great importance to this problem and have launched corresponding solutions AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC. Gamers can freely choose between these two solutions, but it should be noted that the working principles of the two solutions are different. The former uses monitor’s video card to solve the problem while the latter is about The physical chip is embedded in the display to solve the problem.

2. Video signal input interface
The signal transmission capabilities of different video signal input interfaces are completely different. In the early HDMI version, generally only the computer host’s game screen output data can be transmitted at 10.2Gbps or 24fps, while in the later HDMI version In, the game screen output data of the computer host can reach 18Gbps or 50/60fps to transmit 4k video images. Although this transmission speed does not account for much of the overall delay time, it must be explained as a rigorous comparative evaluation and analysis article

As e-sports games are recognized by more and more people, various types of e-sports technologies and supporting e-sports game equipment industries will continue to develop. According to the survey and research of relevant authoritative organizations, the annual output value of the e-sports industry will reach 500 billion US dollars in the future, which is very good news for the production companies of LCD monitors. In the foreseeable future, LCD monitors supported by various new technologies will continue to be developed, and the performance indicators and actual performance of these devices will completely exceed the current LCD Game monitor. We look forward to this wonderful moment coming soon and enjoying more fun brought by technological progress!

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