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Our History

YouSee Technology Co., Ltd was found.

YouSee Technology Co., Ltd became one of the first factory in China to produce screens for smart phones.

We can supply the whole industry chain with FPC, BL, pol, TP, SMT, etc., with a daily production capacity of more than 10W pieces.

With ten years of team and technical resources, the screen size has been enriched from 0.96 to 21.5 inches. The target market focus on the high-end customized screen and touch assembly.

In the year of 2020 , we have adjusted our sales target and team, focused on overseas market development, and recommended our products to more overseas customers.

Company Profile

YouSee Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2008, dedicated to the high cost performance LCD, TP assembly, PCB assembly supporting the whole industrial chain of ShenZhen. Our products include the R & D, production, sales and service of medical equipment display screen, GPS vehicle display screen, POS equipment, smart home, household appliances, consumer electronic products, communication equipment, industrial control equipment, instruments and meters, human-computer interaction interface and LCD (LCM), touch screen (TP), backlight screen (BL) cable arrangement of other information display terminals High tech enterprises. Provide all kinds of quality control, technical support and related services.

Factory Overview

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