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IPS Module YX24008
PCB Solution YX50007

YX24007 Sun Readable lcd display with resolution 240*320

YX104001 Shaped Screen lcd display with resolution 1024x3 (RGB)x100

YX70008A Resistive touch lcd display with resolution 800 *480

YX24008 Capacitive touch lcd display with resolution 240 *320

YX35006 Transflective lcd display with resilution 240*320

YX50007 with PCB solution model

YX35009 Wide Temperature lcd display with resolution 240*320

Product catagory

OLED display
Embedded Motherboard
System Integration

Customer Feedback

I met YouSee Technology Co., Ltd at the 2010 Canton Fair. At the beginning of the period, I didn't pay much attention to their products, because I had relatively stable suppliers. However, due to some reasons, the cooperation between me and my original supplier became no longer pleasant, so I had to find a new supplier. I am very cautious about replacing suppliers because it will affect the quality and sales of my products. For this reason, I have inspected dozens of Chinese suppliers and made a lot of inspections. I am most satisfied with YouSee Technology Co., Ltd. So we started to brand new cooperation until now, their products and services make me satisfied!
Randy Egan
John Doe
Grank Group CEO
I have been cooperating with this company for more than ten years, and I promise to use a neutral perspective to illustrate my views on this company. As we all know, any business cooperation is a combination of interests, so it is inevitable that there are some differences in cooperation. But why have I not given up cooperation with them for more than ten years, not because the cost of replacing suppliers is too high, but because of the professional service attitude and stable and outstanding product quality they have done. This has kept my products well received in the local market and earned me a good reputation while making money. All in all, they are trustworthy and excellent partners.
Robert Gardner
Before cooperating with YouSee Technology Co., Ltd, my usual suppliers were Japan and South Korea, because I prefer products from these two countries. But after they sent me product samples, our engineers have done a lot of experiments and compared a large number of parameters with the products, we found that their company's products have high quality. There are even some products whose indicators are much better than those of Japan and South Korea, especially the price is very competitive. This changed my concept of supplier selection. Them our story is like youngers falling in love. We understand each other in-depth more and more, and then we have developed a long-term cooperative relationship until now
Ana Souza
Tina Steen